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Practice some much needed self care and manifest goodness! These magickal self care  gift boxes are filled with lowing & nourishing products, to assist you with some self care guidance.

This Witch’s self care box is lovingly prepared and filled with high quality /hand crafted ritual bath & body products, oils, crystal infused candle and more! 

Included in the box ✨

✨ 2oz Ritual & Anointing oil for Protection 

✨ 2oz body & linen spray 

✨ 2oz Enchanted cleansing spray for banishing & protection 

✨ 4oz Crystal soy candle from Witch & Heathen

✨ 2oz jar of Forbidden Forest body lotion *scent of sweet apricot & lavender

✨ 2 tubes of ritual bath salts with botanicals, FO & EO free

✨ 2 small tester bath salts of Faerie Dust with botanicals, FO & EO free

✨ 1 of ea. Dragons blood sage, blue sage and yerba santa sage 

✨ 1 bar of Nightbird goats milk soap *scent of tobacco bay, vanilla oak and fir 

✨ Handmade altar cloth 

✨ Wood box for tarot cards or whatever your heart desires 

✨ 1 dried floral arrangement