The Gratitude Tree on Thanksgiving week!

It's the week of Thanksgiving and I am sure we are all feeling how different it feels than our "normal" Thanksgiving and maybe your plans aren't what they normally are, or your holiday spirit feels like it's fading and you have no energy to even attempt a Turkey dinner. I get it! My husband and I come from small families so it's usually 10 - 12 immediate family members. I am looking forward to a low key day with my kids, stuffing our faces, wearing over sized sweatpants and getting ready for online Black Friday sales as I am sure most of us are!

Sop today I decided to do an easy but fun and somewhat messy craft with my little ones. In light of everything going on this year I feel more than ever we need to find a few things to be grateful for, maybe even just one thing. A gratitude tree is a fun way to involve your kids from ages 2+ and up, and there really is all different and creative ways to make a gratitude tree. I remember one year when I worked in an adolescent detox and I had the kids cut out leaves and on each leaf write in one thing they were grateful for. We ended up with a beautiful tree full of gratitude!

For the Gratitude Tree project you will need the following supplies:

  • Paint paper ( you can get them at Walmart, Dollar Tree, etc)
  • Acrylic Paint ( I get all of mine at Hobby Lobby for $0.70 cents ea. when they have sales and they are easy to clean up, non toxic and don't stain clothing.)
  • A permanent marker
  • Circle sponge brushes

I just use some old tupperware to put the paint in because if there is any leftovers I can just put the cover over and save the extra paint. I draw out a tree with branches with the permanent marker on the paint paper, and don't think it has to be perfect because no tree is. They are full of imperfections, that is why each one is different and unique in it's on way!



So here is where the messy part comes in and I apologize in advance to those with major OCD like myself. My kids dipped their circle sponge brushes in the paint to give a leaf affect to the branches but we ended up using the tips of our fingers which was waaaay more fun. I promise this cleans up easy and the kids do have a blast with it. I mean, what kid doesn't want to get their hands all messy in paint?

Once everything sets and dries you can then go back and write down what you're grateful for. My daughter is still a little to young to understand but my son named out a few things that I wrote down for him and it was really cute seeing the sparkle in his eye and big grin while he named everyone he loves, his favorite toys, tv shows, food etc. Instilling gratitude in our children at a young age is something very important to my husband and I.


So with that, I hope that this year more than ever, when you sit down at the dinner table with your family and loved ones and/or zoom with them, you can all find something to be grateful for this year in the midst of all the darkness 2020 has shed on not just our Country but our entire World. I promise there is good out there. For me, I am grateful for my health, family, friends, my business and all of you that continue to support me, but most of all, I truly feel like I have found my purpose in life and the road I am supposed to be on.


"Stay safe & healthy and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving from my family to yours!"


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